Are you planning a new home, or planning to remodel your house?

Many people do not think of the electrical installation. That makes sense, because most of that is determined by your contractor.
You would do it differently, eventually you move into your new home.

We deliver everything in the field of electrical installation.
Our range consists of various brands and we provide everything each or per cm.

New products

Selectra Hengelo

Thé servicepartner for Nilfisk vacuum cleaners.

Warranty, repair and spareparts for traders and consumers.

  • The Dutch service for nilfisk household vacuum cleaners
  • Warranty Nilfisk Netherlands
  • Repairs (Nilfisk) household vacuum cleaners
  • (Whole)sale of Nilfisk accessories

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Nilfisk Service

Nilfisk Service

Selectra Nilfisk Service is the authorized repair shop for Nilfisk vacuum cleaners.


Nilfisk Onderdelen en Accessoires

Nilfisk spareparts and accessoires

Selectra Nilfisk Service has in addition to the (warranty) service over 1000 items in stock, which can be ordered through our webshop.

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